The Next Five Years Testimonials

Participating in the 2020 series with Sheila James provided some amazing results in my life, my finances, my health and spiritual fitness and my business.

One of the greatest results is that I am selling my business for a great price and setting myself free to meet my next adventure with plenty of money in hand which is every entrepreneurs dream.

The training and coaching with regard to how to plan my life 5 years out, 4,3,2,1 and 90 days out is something that will keep giving structure and bones to my dreams and wants being realized.

I will use and re-use my work book for years to come.

Several daily work habits and communication habits that diminished my success and increases my stress load have been identified and transformed into easy, workable daily habits.


Candice Courcy
Former CEO of Urban Sanctuary Spa

I have been an educator for more than fifty years. Most would say that my career was very successful. I have published more than fifty journal articles, five books, countless presentations, nationally, and some international travel. Participation in the 2022 The Next Five Years Series, enabled me to see the bigger picture of what was possible. Since the seminar, I am now actualizing a marketing plan for my books, and other products as an outgrowth of the interaction and participation

In the words of the songster, "There's No Stopping Me Now."

Dr. James (Jim) Young

Professor Clark Atlanta University
Published Author on Amazon

Annual Women's Luncheon Testimonials

"I received food that I didn't know was going to be available: I truly got food for the soul."

Ada Frazier Turner
Health and Wellness Coach

"What an inspirational day! Great to be among amazing women creating powerful futures and being visionaries for our communities and the world. The day was just as much fun as it was work!"

Theresa Hoyle
Realtor - Hoyle Homes Realty

"Empowerment! Inspiration! A First Class event! Fantastic lunch. This should be a SOLD OUT Georgia World Congress event. I've been to many, many professional luncheons and this event raises the bar! A dynamic keynote by Rita Williams!"

Margie McRae
CEO McRae Lewis Financial

"Today's event inspired me to get into motion about what I am committed to doing for the rest of my life."

Mary Mitchell
Retired director of Yes Atlanta

"The lunch, workbook, and speeches were enlivening, inspiring and fun! The camaraderie of the room of women was extraordinary. It was great to project my best self for 2020 and beyond, through the next 5 years."

Corrina Sephora
World Renowned Artist and Teacher in Atlanta

"I love the energy of the women's luncheon. To share the room with so much power, love and hope is mind blowing. These luncheons set us up for not just this year, but our entire lives. Create your life NOW, we are pace setters!"

Haylee Tucker

Clients Review