Sheila James

Sheila James is an Empowerment Coach, known for impacting and empowering individuals, organizations, and young people in being effective, becoming result producers, bringing out the best and being extraordinary human beings.

She’s a native of Gary, Indiana born to Rev. and Mrs. Julius James. Her dad was a major influencer in the world as well, and a friend and colleague to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. As a child Sheila was introduced to social injustice, what it takes to make a difference and what it takes to stand for something bigger than yourself. Her home was frequented with, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, Dr. Benjamin Mays, Dr. Otis Moss Jr., Mrs. Coretta Scott King and others. Sheila with her mischievous ear, listened and learned intently from the wisdom of the ages. This was the beginning of her quest to make a difference for Societal Change.

An Honors Graduate of Spelman College in Atlanta Georgia. She was also a member of Psi Chi a National Honors Society In Psychology. She loves sports and studies the game and the way in which Coaches coach & Leaders Lead…

She spent the first part of her Career in the Insurance Industry. Working as a Property Casualty Underwriter, Life Insurance Agent, Securities Licensed and Health. It was here where she became conscientious to the needs and being of service to others in educating and providing information that would impact and support their lives.

She has spent the last 30 years of her life developing herself and others in transformational work. She was a Center Manager for a Leader in the field of Transformation. It was there that she honed her skills as a Coach, Result Producer, Trainer, and Developer of Leaders. She Managed 5 Southern States and coined the Phrase, “When the South Transforms the World Will Transform. Her Center was deemed Financially Profitable for the 12 years that she was there. She has worked for over 15 years developing World Leaders, Managing and registering people in over 5 states into Transformational Leadership Programs, Trained Volunteers to fulfill their purpose, pursue their dreams and commitments, and to make a difference in their life and the world.

She is currently the founder and CEO of Saint James Media, a company created to empower people, society, and humanity through Empowerment Coaching, Consulting, and Media. Her Listening is so keen, that she is known as the “Coach Listener”. She is the author and facilitator of 2022: The Next Five Years, an Empowerment Coaching Series designed for you to create a blueprint and leave an imprint of your life by fulfilling your purpose and realizing your goals. She is also the Creator and Host of “Sheila Speaks” a Podcast designed to, Empower-Educate-Inform-Inspire and Impact you, your Community and Life.

As she expands her work, She is introducing her new Podcast- “Ending Racism” as well as an Experiential, Transformational Course/Program on “Ending Racism”. Ms. James is that it can be done and we can do it.

A Conversation Created to create opportunities for action, a future from the future and a way to measure and or decrease the significance of what we are dealing with, from race, to poverty, legacy, wealth, violence, justice & fairness-

Who will we be, what does it take and how will we create? A world where everyone matters…

This is not a life as usual conversation. We are providing a platform for “Solutions for Humanity”.

We at Saint James Media specialize in Consulting and Empowerment Coaching, Transformational Leadership for people, businesses, community and organizations.

Ms. James is also a Professional Speaker, Author, Podcast, Film, and TV Producer that Impacts Humanity and Honors Mankind.

She is the mother of one son, Julian Michael whom she adores and loves. She has many Godchildren and is a hands’ on Auntie…

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