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The Best Year Ever

We often go year after year, month after month, and minute after minute without giving real thought to what direction we are headed in.

Today’s workshop is an opportunity for us to seriously look at, where we are and where we are headed for the year. We will address the questions: What do I want to accomplish this year? What am I creating? What am I building? Is my environment sufficient to achieve these and other results? Am I serious or just hoping for the best?

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Women Empowering Women Summit - The Turning Point

What are you Poised for in 2021? What Role will you Play - your Family, your Business, your Career, whatever you’re up to is Inclusive in this endeavor. This Summit started off in one context and has expanded, gotten bigger and deeper as we explore and determine together our Future, our Role, our Part in Societal Change.

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The Next 5 Years

Who will you Be?
What will you Accomplish?
How will you Impact, Empower, and Fulfill your dreams?
Do you have a turnover/succession/retirement plan for your family, business, and life?
Are you organized to achieve your goals?
Will you leave a Legacy or a mess (health, estate, wealth plan)?

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