Annual Women's Summit

Women's Summit

Women Poised for Greatness

In the 3rd annual Women Empowering Women Summit, we will engage in breaking through the limits of our past, owning our power, greatness and being effective. Walking your Talk, Speaking your Truth. We will be looking at what we are Poised FOR in 2021. Being poised is how you walk. speak and present yourself.

Are you ready for 2021?

What are you Poised for and going to Accomplish?"

Our keynote speaker, Rita Tucker Williams, is the founder of the Law Firm of Williams & Associates, PC which she brought into existence in 1990. She recently earned a Lifetime Achievement Award for her Contribution to Society and was featured in the Wall Street Journal on November 27 of 2019, for this honor.

Ms. Williams is a Public Speaker, an advocate for all of Humanity and an Art Collector.

Her Banner is One Race, the Human Race, no subtitles, please.
Her Mission is: Standing for a world of grace, justice and power for all people.
The Firm, Vision is: Creating a World Where Justice Reigns Supreme,

January 28th, 2021
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Rita Williams and VP Kamala Harris

2020 Women's Luncheon

Women: Setting the Pace

The 2nd Annual Women Empowering Women Luncheon where we dealt with where we will Set the Pace in 2020.

We created what we were up to and what we would take on in our Leadership, Owning our Power, and Fulfilling our Vision in life.

2019 Women's Luncheon

Women: Stepping Up and Standing Out

Stepping Up and Standing Out

The 1st Annual Women Empowering Women Luncheon where we engaged in where we will Step Up and Stand Out in 2019.

We collectively took on being Willing being Powerful, and being Sourceful. It was extraordinary.