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Sheila James

Sheila James is an Empowerment Coach, known for impacting and empowering individuals, organizations, and young people in being effective, becoming result producers, bringing out the best and being extraordinary human beings.

She's a native of Gary, Indiana born to Rev. and Mrs. Julius James. Her dad was a major influencer in the world as well, and a friend and colleague to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. As a child, Sheila was introduced to social injustice, what it takes to make a difference and what it takes to stand for something bigger than yourself. Her home was frequented with, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, Dr. Benjamin Mays, Dr. Otis Moss Jr., Mrs. Coretta Scott King and others. Sheila, with her mischievous ear, listened and learned intently from the wisdom of the ages. This was the beginning of her quest to make a difference for Humanity.

A Honors Graduate of Spelman College in Atlanta, Georgia; she was also a member of Psi Chi, a National Honors Society In Psychology.

She spent the first part of her Career in the Insurance Industry. Working as a Property Casualty Underwriter, Life Insurance Agent, Securities Licensed and Health. It was here where she became sensitive and conscientious to the needs of, and being of service to, others by educating and providing information that would impact and support their lives.

She has spent the last 30 years of her life developing herself and others in transformational work. She was a Center Manager for a Leader in the field of Transformation. It was there that she honed her skills as a Coach, Result Producer and Trainer & Developer of Leaders. She Managed 5 Southern States and coined the Phrase, "When the South Transforms, the World Will Transform". Her Center was deemed Financially Profitable for the 12 years that she was there. She has worked for over 15 years developing world leaders, managing and registering people in over 5 states into transformational and leadership programs, trained volunteers to fulfill their purpose, pursue their dreams and commitments, and to make a difference in their life and in the world.

She is currently the founder and CEO of Saint James Media, a company created to empower people, society, and humanity through Empowerment Coaching, Consulting, and Media. She is the author and facilitator of 2020: The Next Five Years, an Empowerment Coaching Series designed for you to create a blueprint and leave an imprint by fulfilling your purpose and realizing your goals. She is also the Creator and Host of "Sheila Speaks" a Podcast designed to, Empower-Educate-Inform and Impact you, your Community and Life.

She is the mother of one son, Julian Michael whom she adores and loves. She has many Godchildren and is a hands on Auntie...

Julian James


Julian James is a Comedian, Writer, and Producer. He started comedy at age 8 and won his first contest with Kids Komedy Korner when he was 14 years old. He's an amazing Stand-Up Comedian and Writer. He's appeared as an extra in the movies "Black Panther", "Acrimony", "Uncle Drew" and many others. As an extra, he tends to be IN the movie, as his Personality and Talent shine.

Julian is Co-Founder of Saint James Media with his mom Sheila James. He is an up and coming Super Star. He loves Social and Relevant Conversations, and has you laughing at yourself.
Sara Rahimzadeh

Sara Rahimzadeh is the Operations Manager of Saint James Media. She was born and raised outside of Atlanta, Georgia in Gwinnett County. Her mother is from Oklahoma and her father is from Iran. She grew up with the morals and values of family, honor, respect, and contribution to her community. Her two older brothers influenced her greatly to forge her own path and be her own person. She left Georgia for college, getting her Bachelors degree from Florida State University.

She’s gotten the highest honors as a Girl Scout, having participated in scouts for 10 years. She loves competing in performing arts, in the specific area of Color Guard. She was inspired to join this artform after watching her eldest brother in marching band. Sara spent 11 years performing for 5 teams over almost 20 seasons. In 2019, her team Paramount Open placed 2nd at Winter Guard International’s World Championship in Dayton, Ohio.

Sara loves to put FUN and PEACE in every environment she’s in. Without the love and support of her friends and family, she wouldn’t be where she is today: following her dreams, making a difference, and growing every step of the way.

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