2021 The Next Five Years

2022: The Next Five Years


  • Who will you Be?
  • What will you Accomplish?
  • How will you Impact, Empower, and Fulfill your dreams?
  • Do you have a turnover/succession/retirement plan for your family, business, and life?
  • Are you organized to achieve your goals?
  • Will you leave a Legacy or a mess (health, estate, wealth plan)?

This Empowerment Coaching series is designed to have you Think it, See it, Speak it, and Have it!

This series will have you Create the Direction and Pathway of how you Intend to live your life. This program is done over 6 sessions where you will address areas such as your Personal Foundation, Get to the source of your Resistance and Procrastination, Project Management, and Communicating Authentically. You begin to Critically Think, Strategically develop your projects, create new work habits, confront and begin to create turnover and succession plans in your family and business AND organize your life in a way that you Live your Legacy NOW and Leave a Legacy when you’re gone. And much, much more… Including Special guests who are experts in their field. This series is designed to Empower you to create a new standard of accomplishment in your life.

    Thursdays 10am - 1pm EST
  • Session 1: January 8th
  • Session 2: January 22nd
  • Session 3: January 29th
  • Session 4: February 12th
  • Session 5: February 26th
  • Session 6: March 12th

Tuition includes 2 Pop Up Coaching sessions and a minimum of three 30 minute Empowerment Coaching Conversations Contact us for more information and to register: stjamesmedia470@gmail.com 470-808-4085

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